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The Devil Take Love. (Penguin:2015)

From Reviews

Kakar’s impeccable research is faultless… superbly crafted novel.
Indian Express
The ease with which the narrative flows is a testimony to his feat of imagination…peppered with insights into poetics.
Business Line
Kakar has imaginatively recreated the life of Bhartrihari, the greatest Sanskrit poet of love, renowned for vacillating between an exuberant life of pleasure and one of world-weary austerity.
The Devil Take Love is an ambitious fictional experiment…that Kakar is mostly successful is a testimony to his skill and passion… Kakar already has a vastly impressive oeuvre…his latest novel is a worthy addition to that list.
Mint Lounge
[The] vivid description of market places, caravans, ddresses. Trade, rituals, customs and the languages intersoersed in the story [make] the reading engaging—a trait not many novels can boast [of]
The Hindu
Sudhir Kakar has written a wonderfully imagined novel
Sunday Guardian
One foot as a historian, and the other in the imaginative eroticism of the age…a comment on our contemporary struggle between traditionalists and devotees of pleasure.
India Today